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Over the years we have been asked to consolidate Old lath/Plaster ceilings.

Often we are called in when some of the Ceiling has de-bonded as a result of water Ingress, load bearing or movement from above or just general wear and tear.

The imge below shows a ceiling where the lime plaster has de-bonded from the lath. 

Lime plaster has de-bonded from lath

The consolidation method we have found to be the best is the wire/washer method, as shown in the next image.

This in involves running wire every 300mm in both direction’s and securing with Zinc Washer’s.

Consolidating Ceiling Wire Washer Method

The celiing  is then filled with lime putty, and sanded

Ceiling filled and ready for sanding

Consolidating Ceilings at 3 Henrietta Street

Using wire and washer method (from below ceiling)

In addition to restoring the wonderful plasterwork in what has been called “the finest Georgian house in Dublin” Irish fine art plasterwork were given the task of consolidating the original lath/lime ceilings which were carried out over 250 years ago and the lime mortar had be-bonded from the timber laths.

The method decided upon was the wire washer method, this has been perfected by the company over the 30 years we are in business, in 2017 we carried out consolidation on 42 Ceilings mostly this was preventative where the client noticed an increase in cracking and sagging of the ceiling, but on some occasions, part of the ceiling had actually fallen.. 

This method involved the timber Joist’s to be located and marked out with a chalk line.

Countersink holes 40mm Diameter to be drilled at 300mm distances both ways across Ceiling 38mm zinc Washers to be temporarily fixed with 50mm Stainless steel screws.

Using a Grinder with a hoover attachment, to cut grooves 3mm into Ceiling 2M2 at a time (In chessboard fashion) between countersunk holes, 2mm galvanised wire to be inserted both ways into grooves.

All cracks are to be raked out to a V cut and coated with P.V.A. adhesive, any large cracks (over 2mm) were filled with Hessian Scrim and plaster/lime putty mix, the crack is then filled out with a Lime putty mix and left back slightly from finish surface.

A coat of  specialist filler Tourpre is applied, left to dry, and sanded

More images of 3 Henrietta Sreet in our Portfolio section 



Stairwell ceiling after consolidation

Above: Stairwell ceiling after consolidation

Below: One of the main rooms after consolidation

One of the main rooms after consolidation