Over the years Irish Fine art plasterwork have produced arches of all shapes design and sizes.



We create and restore various types of ceilings

Columns and Pillasters

Our columns come in a variety of sizes and designs for use both inside or outside.

Glass Reinforced Cement

Anything we can make in Plaster we can also make in G.R.C. this is a Cement based material that can be used outside or inside where a hard wearing product is required

Lighting Troughs

Plaster lighting troughs are a unique cost efficient way of hiding lighting while directing it towards the ceiling


Our Company are the foremost company in Ireland for Plaster Restoration.

From the restoration of Powerscourt Townhouse,The Shelbourne Hotel, to the re-instatement of the Academy in Pearse Street our attention to detail is second to none.

Plaster Consolidation

Often we are called when some of the Ceiling has de-bonded as a result of water Ingress, load bearing or movement from above or just general wear and tear. But more often now client’s are seeking our Consolidation  service as a preventative measure, before the disaster and mess.

Cleaning of Plasterwork

We provide as part of our restoration service a paint removal and plasterwork repair service, this is a very skilled part of our craft.