Over the years we have been asked to consolidate Old lath/Plaster Ceiling’s using several different method’s. The method we have found to be the best is the wire/washer method.

This in involves running wire every 300mm in both direction’s and securing with Zinc Washer’s, this is then filled with lime putty, and sanded.

Often we are called in when some of the Ceiling has de-bonded as a result of water Ingress, load bearing or movement from above or just general wear and tear.

But more often now client’s are seeking our Consolidation  service as a preventative measure, before the disaster and mess.

It can be difficult to determine whether a Ceiling has be-bonded but the most common clues are (a) water ingress, especially if a bathroom or valley is above (b) Cracking in the Ceiling  , especially if these Cracks had been filled when last decorating and appear again

(c) Sagging of the Ceiling , most noticeably over the window’s where there may have been a ongoing de-bonding of the key between the ceiling and the lath’s.

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We also repair/replace lath/plaster Ceiling’s and wall’s.

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