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Over the years Irish Fine art plasterwork have produced arches of all shapes design and sizes. Matching into existing or off the drawing board , there is no arch that we cannot produce.

Often accompanied by our standard , corbels, pilasters or columns our arches can transform a room

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I install an arch in my home?

Plaster arches are normally used to enhance a plain opening in a hallway or between rooms. They ‘soften’ the edges of your entryways and wall openings and can be used to draw attention to a room or part of a room. So, if this is something you would be interested in, then an arch would be a good addition to your home.

The most popular plasterwork arches would be an elliptical arch with wrap around pilasters Or semi-circular arch with corbels. Irish Fine Art Plasterwork can also match any existing arch you may have or produce your desired arch from photographs or drawings

Do you make arches for outside the home?

Yes, arches can be used externally around door openings.  We are increasingly making arches for outside, around doorways or windows.
A well designed and constructed arch will give your home a unique look compared to other homes in your area. Not only that, but an arch will help to increase the value of your home.
Our external arches are made with G.R.C. or jesmonite. Irish Fine Art Plasterwork can make arches to suit any design size or shape.

How much is an arch?

It all depends on a few things and if you can give us as much information as possible we can give you a quote very quickly. If you can give us a rough dimension of what you are looking for ,height ,width and depth we can give an estimate , all measurements will be confirmed upon order.

What style arches do you have?

We can supply or supply and fix any style you require Georgian, Victorian, modern, Gothic , Art Deco

What size are your standard arches?

As all arches are different we do not have standard arches , we will make your arch to whatever size shape and design you require.